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Interpretation of the three major global packaging trends in 2020

The global packaging industry is undergoing profound changes! As human beings pay more and more attention to the environment and climate change, world-renowned brands are changing packaging to make it more sustainable. In addition, with the rapid development of technology, packaging has become "smarter", and more and more brands are using augmented reality to enhance the user experience.

2020 is another exciting year for the packaging industry. Let us discuss some key trends throughout the year.

Pay attention to sustainability!

As you may know, environmentally friendly packaging is a very popular topic in 2019. There is no doubt that it will continue to be a hot topic in the next few years. A recent report emphasized that as brands implement operations to reduce the environmental impact of packaging, the demand for recyclable properties in plastic packaging has increased.

Companies such as McDonald’s announced that by 2025, 100% of product packaging will come from renewable, recycled or certified resources. As major brands announce their commitment to sustainable packaging, consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of environmentally friendly packaging. Our 2019 survey found that nearly 40% of consumers believe that their packaging is not environmentally friendly.

We can expect that the demand for sustainable packaging solutions will surge in the next five years, as more and more organizations recognize that incorporating sustainable packaging design will help reduce the overall carbon footprint.

E-commerce packaging is changing!

E-commerce is growing at a rapid rate, and offline stores and commercial streets are feeling the impact of this growth. In 2019, British consumers spent 106.46 billion pounds online, accounting for 22.3% of total retail spending. It is expected to reach 27.9% in 2023.

The rapid development of e-commerce has affected the packaging industry, especially design and customer experience. Many brands have been tested in creating an unforgettable consumer experience. Packaging products in innovative and innovative ways is the direction of 2020, especially as more and more product videos appear online.

Smart packaging is growing!

With the introduction of augmented reality technology, the concept of "smart packaging" has continued to develop, and many major brands have adopted this technology to further enhance customer experience. This innovative packaging form can leave a lasting impression on consumers, and can often attract consumers' wow of "WOW".

Augmented reality (AR) opens up a whole new possibility for retailers and brand owners, and provides a new way to communicate with customers through packaging. This helps to revitalize your brand, build lasting relationships with customers, and increase awareness of your products and services-it's the perfect way to show your creativity and gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

AR allows your customers to access anything, from exclusive content and promotions to useful product information and video tutorials, as long as they scan the printed barcode on the packaging with a mobile phone or similar handheld device. But this is not all, you will no longer need to include a lot of user manuals and promotional materials to make your package a little lighter, which will help reduce your transportation costs and save trees at the same time!