Huzhou Tongda Packaging Co., Ltd. is located in kangfengqing Road, Deqing City, with superior geographical environment and convenient transportation, covering an area of more than 20000 square meters. Over the years, we focus on the production of multi-layer kraft paper bags, paper plastic composite bags, woven bags, color valve bags, container bags, low melting point plastic bags, PVA water-soluble bags, wooden pallets, fumigation pallets, all kinds of non fumigation multi-layer pallets, packaging boxes, corrugated cardboard boxes, paper corner guards, honeycomb cardboard and other packaging materials.

  The company has four domestic advanced water-based two-color carton printing slotting machines and domestic first-class computer laser plate making system, forming a perfect service system from order receiving, design, production, quality control, sales and first and second tracking. The company's customers are all over the country, and have been well received by customers. The products are also exported to more than 30 countries and regions, such as Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe, Oceania, the United States, Canada, etc., and are deeply trusted by users.

  In order to adapt to the continuous development of market economy and the higher and higher requirements of customers, the company is looking for new technology, new technology, new materials, constantly improving production management, improving product quality, adhering to the traditional Chinese art, constantly innovating and developing, and manufacturing with modern advanced equipment. Keep improving, strive to improve, strive to be the pioneer of packaging industry.