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The development of the packaging industry, green is still the main theme

With the changes in the development environment at home and abroad, and the superimposed influence of the overall economic quality and structural contradictions, my country's packaging industry will enter a critical period of development-that is, the golden development period to the stage of frequent problems.

The long-standing structural and quality defects such as overcapacity, excessive dependence on energy and resource consumption, weak independent innovation ability, weak corporate competitiveness, disproportionate industrial scale and economic benefits... etc. will become more and more obvious, which will lead to in recent years Regional industrial restructuring is inevitable.

Unstoppable industrial restructuring

Structural adjustment is a process of great waves, a process of optimization and reorganization, and an opportunity for advantageous companies to take off.

The packaging industry structure with the "Yangtze River Delta", "Pearl River Delta" and "Bohai Rim" as the key areas will not change quickly for a considerable period of time, and will continue to develop in sync with the regional economy.

However, with the large-scale development of the western region and the revitalization of the northeast old industrial base, the overall unbalanced development of the packaging industry will change significantly. This is an opportunity for expansion and development for excellent packaging companies in the "three major sectors".

As the market matures, suppliers who cannot provide complete solutions cannot systematically reduce packaging costs, and their bargaining power on the customer side will be weakened. Packaging companies need holistic and systematic packaging methods.

Green is still the main theme of development

The packaging, printing and papermaking industry is in urgent need of optimization and reorganization, and "green" is still the main theme of development.

With the introduction of the "Implementation Plan for Promoting Green Packaging in the Express Delivery Industry", the e-commerce, express delivery, and takeaway industries took the lead in restricting the use of a series of non-degradable plastic packaging implementation plans, and urged localities, especially cities, to increase implementation efforts.

For the packaging industry, the implementation of the green concept is to implement the overall requirements of "resolutely oppose excessive packaging" in the "13th Five-Year Plan" and the specific goals of "transition from traditional production to green production" in the guiding opinions on the transformation and development of the packaging industry. , "Green, low-carbon, environmental protection" will be the main axis of the development of the packaging industry in the future.

Sales revenue of packaging industry will break 2 trillion in 2023

The demand side of paper packaging was greatly affected by trade frictions, and the profit side benefited from the fall in the cost of upstream raw materials.

Paper prices of various paper products have declined, among which white cardboard has declined significantly.

At present, the average ex-factory price of domestic white cardboard is around RMB 5,100/ton, which is far lower than the high price of RMB 6,700/ton at the beginning of last year.

Downstream costs will not be fully transmitted to downstream pricing quickly, and packaging companies are expected to enjoy some of the profit value.

It is predicted that by 2023, the sales revenue of China's packaging industry will exceed 2 trillion yuan, reaching 2091.628 billion yuan, and total profits will reach 133.477 billion yuan.

As the most widely used packaging type in the Chinese market, paper packaging, plastic packaging, metal packaging and glass packaging achieved a total operating income of 1.943374 billion yuan, of which paper and cardboard manufacturing accounted for 39.66% of the entire packaging main business income.

As far as the current international situation is concerned, the recovery of the paper packaging industry's prosperity still requires patience.